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Settling for the Right Skirting Paint

There is always the question of how to pick the right color for the skirting boards in a house. Their choices are normally torn between a glossy color or one with a matte presentation. These choices are reflective of the younger population in the former options, and the older generation in the latter choice. Those choices show you how important it is to think along the lines of personal preference, as you will be happier with those choices then.

The gloss paint finish makes the list as one of the most popular choices out there. Gloss paint gives the skirting a shiny, almost reflective finish. The choice is also popular since it will last long and withstand wear and tear rather beautifully. You need to consider it in areas with high foot traffic. You will also find great use of it in the children’s room. Gloss paint also works well where the wood is in perfect condition since it shows all blemishes underneath. At the same time, you should use a water-based gloss paint as opposed to an oil-based one. Oil based paint tends to discolor much faster, which leaves you with a bad looking skirting and the need to repaint much sooner.

Satin paint is best when you need a semi-gloss finish. It balances between the gloss and the matte finish. It works best for a modern and contemporary interior. There is also more acceptance for it, seeing as it does not reflect as much as the gloss kind. You need to select the one with a plastic or enamel finish, as it will hide any imperfections on the skirting beautifully. You also end up with a clean and crisp look. You also find that you will not struggle to clean and maintain it. You also end up with a color that stays intact for much longer than the gloss variety.

Eggshell paint gives you a nice matte finish. You will not see any shine on it. It was a paint choice that was thought of as one belonging to the larger surfaces. It is best for places with average to low foot traffic. It will be easier to clean and maintain than the emulsion paint option.

It is a good idea to talk to professional painters if that choice proves to be harder than necessary. The normal recommendation is usually to go with the satin option, as you get the best of both the gloss and the eggshell types. You get a bold yet slightly shiny color and one that lasts for long and takes more of the wear and tear.

In conclusion, you need to choose colors that will be most suitable for your personal preferences.

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