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Should You Buy or Rent College Textbooks?

When it comes to textbooks, especially for college students, this has been a sore subject to many students. The reason for this has been largely for the fact that these books happen to cost quite a lot and besides this, there has been a number of complaints registered by college students over the fact that most of the professors do not even use the textbooks they are required to have with them when going for admissions to classes.

Consider the fact that has been established by the stats that have shown that a college student would spend as much as $1200 a year on college textbooks. By and large, this figure represents a considerable share of their expenditures more so looking at the fact that there will be other needs that the student will have to provide for apart from the expenditures on textbooks anyway. This as such pushes one to look for alternative ways to save on college textbooks.

Generally, renting textbooks is cheaper as compared to buying. However, before we get to the benefits of renting and why you may want to consider it as the best alternative, let’s see some of the situations where buying textbooks may be the only way out.

As far as buying textbooks goes, there are essentially two alternative approaches to this and this where you can opt to buy used textbooks or buy the brand new copies. In the event that you happen to have to buy and in this, your chief priority is to save as much, then it would make a lot of sense buying the used versions. Though they may have some side notes and highlights on them, these used textbooks happen to be just as good as the brand new ones.

While these work as much, you should as well be alive to the fact that there are some situations so sticky where your only option is to go for the brand new books. One of these is like where your class requires that you make use of a textbook that has such supplemental material as a workbook or CD and for these, you will only have to look for a brand new version of the textbook. But anyway, still you may be advised to consult as much as you can, with your professors or those who’ve taken the classes before, and see if at all an older version may just work for there are some cases that an older version may just work provided it has the materials that you need.

All said and done, one thing that still stands is that renting textbooks is the best way to have the cheapest textbooks for your college education. Fortunately, there are a number of places from where you can rent textbooks, both online and offline as there are even some bookstores that have this option for offer for their students.

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