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What You Need To Know When You Have Two Jealous Dogs

Jealousy is not something that happens to only humans. Dogs also show jealous habits. In most cases, they do so by barking at one another. Read on to know how you can deal with jealous dogs.

Dogs show jealousy by paying special attention to the owner, toilet habits that are unusual, fights and a pushy behavior. It is best you note down any jealous behavior you see in your dogs. You need to take note of what your pet does compared to what happened before. This details will be vital if you ever need to seek the opinion of a professional behaviourist.

It is essential that every dog has their items separated. They need to each have their water bowl, food bowl, toys and bed. Also, you need to create time for each dog separately. When feeding the dogs, you can do so in different rooms. When it’s time to take your dogs for a walk, they both need to be on a leash. One dog should not be leashed and the other roaming around.

You should reward your dog with treats for good behaviour. They need to get equal attention to the dogs when they are in sight. You can opt to ignore both dogs when you are busy. Baby gates are ideal if you want to section the house. There are times during the day when the dogs need to relax. Keeping them separated will help avoid jealousy.

Take your dogs to the vet for a check-up if they still act jealous and you have tried the above techniques. They should be checked to prove that they are not in pain or sick. A vet is the best person to tell you if your dog’s behaviours are not normal. You will get the best advise on how to handle jealousy.

When this fails, you need to get assistance from an animal behaviourist who is certified. They will use the history of the dog and also take their own observation when the dog is in action. A behaviorist will identify the problem and give you a solution. They will design a re-training program that is meat to fit your timing and circumstances.
When you buy a new dog, ensure that you pay attention to it. New dogs take much time since they need much of your attention. When exercising your dogs, you can do so with another person. Each dog will enjoy the walk. Dogs are social animals. They love being with human companions.

Treating both dogs with equal attention helps get rid of the jealous behaviour. The most effective way of changing dogs behavior is to reward their good behavior. They will learn how to differentiate good from bad.They embrace good behavior throughout their lifetime.

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